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August 2004 Renovations
From 15th August to 15th September 2004 a comprehensive programme of renovations and upgrades was completed ... (even though the house is still only 10 years old) this page lists them (in no particular order) :
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Interior and Exterior Painting
The complete house painted inside and outside ... including the back garden wall.
The main paint being used is from Nippon Paint ... and the main wall colour is called "Divinity" and the paint type is 3-IN-1 emulsion .... details of paint properties and colour can be seen on their website.

The doors will also be painted "Divinity"; ceiling will be as white as possible; wooden floor trim is brown; the back garden wall will be white.
Completed except for the back wall that has had one coat only ... the second when the weather is dryer.

painting the stair landing
painting the back wall security metal
Interior Floor
The floor inside the house is wooden in all living areas ... tiled in the bathrooms.
The floor is being completely sanded back down to the wood, any damaged wooden tiles being replaced .. and the whole floor being revarnished.
sanding the living room floor
All of the roof tiles are being sealed in the overlap spaces in order to improve (even more) the water proofing ... note that the rainy season is from about May to September. This is mainly preventative maintenance.
Completed .. although had to bring the guys back several times
preventative maintenance on the roof .. extra sealing
Tiling : Planters (Window Boxes) and tops of balcony walls
All the planters and balcony walls have had the top surface tiled .. colour of tiles matches the roof colour ... see picture.
Completed .. this guy is a very good craftsman (also did the brick wall)
tiling the top of the garden box/planter outside the master bedroom
Wall in front of the house
The metal fence in front of the house has been removed ... metal, rusty and a bit of an eyesore ... replaced with a brick wall..
building the brick wall
Door Knobs
All of the door knobs/locks have been replaced with new ones... internal and external
Traditionally most Thai houses seem to be built without any roof guttering and this house is no exception. But we are installing guttering over the top balcony and also along the front of the car port.
Also installing a partial gutter over the back door of the house which takes a lot of roof water .. and directing it into a drain.
We are building in drainage so that the run-off water from these gutters goes underground into the outside drainage pipes.
Completed .. small family business ... good craftsman
new guttering at the front of the house over the carport

Windows and Mosquito Screens
The screen doors and screens across the windows are being checked ... in fact we are replacing/repairing over 50 of the wheels in these screens ..... note that they are not so robust so screens need to be opened and closed with care .
A number (about 12) of the frames were also broken and needed new corner supports.

Shower Stall 2/F
A new shower stall installed in the 2/F middle bathroom.
Made to order (in Bangkok) as the size is larger than standard plus used "self-cleaning' glass (?)
shower stall .. shared bathroom 2/F
Pest Control
A new one year contract has been signed (see Utilities link on this site for details) and they have given the house a spraying before and after the renovations mentioned here.
Contract signed
The garden is being maintained .... the front tree has been trimmed to move the branches away from the power lines .
Tree trimmed , grass cut.
trimming overgrown tree away from overhead wires
These are all being checked ... some switches replaced ... NOTE that the voltage is 220
Light bulbs put in where necessary.
One set of power points in the living area needed repair.
If you are using a desktop computer then it is advisable to use a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) ... easily available in Chiangmai .
Ceiling Fans
The tenants own ceiling fans have been installed ... the agent will be sending details of the charges ... the original light fittings will be stored under the stairs.
Fans installed .. all working
Curtains and Curtain Rails
Tenants removed the curtains and curtain rails ... the rails and curtains will be stored under the stairs .. so all the windows (except the domestic's room and the two Venetian blinds in the kitchen) will be without curtain rails or curtains.
Stored under the stairs .. curtains moth balled
The plumbing checked ... some fittings replaced (tap/toilet etc.)
Note that the mains water pressure is very low ... to compensate for this an electrical water pump provides the pressure for the house ...
A brand new water pump has been purchased and installed.

Also to better assure the water supply we had already installed a large underground water storage facility.
External Ceiling over car port and walkway
Completely stripped out and replaced with new material ...also leakage from balcony drainage inside this roof area fixed.

Soil in the Planters / Window Boxes
Cleaned out all the planters and window boxes of old soil ... add fiberglass/stone foundation plus better quality soil.
No plants planted ... left to the discretion of tenants to decide/purchase preferred plants if needed.

Letter Box and Newspaper Delivery Box
Put up new letter box / newspaper box outside the house
Purchased and fitted
Exterior skirting tiles
Ceramic skirting tiles have been put at the bottom of the exterior walls ... in the carport, corridor (G/F) and downstairs balcony areas.
Car Port Lighting
The light switches for the outside carport were all inside the house. Additional outside switches have been installed in the carport itself.
Domestic Helpers Room
An additional interior bolt to be put on the door.
Garden Water & Irrigation
Additional outside water taps fitted around the garden, taps changed to 'one turn/lever' type.
Irrigation system repaired and additional outlet added.
Magnetic door catches fitted on most of the doors so that the handles do not damage the wall when opened and the doors can be fixed open to reduce being banged shut by the wind.
Cabinets in Bathrooms
Ceramic tiles to be put on the bottom of the wooden cabinets in bathrooms to better protect against water.
Completed almost
Replace broken shelf.
Waiting for the part from the local dealers
Shelf in Living Room
Shelf in the living room .. under the arch ... to be tiled.
2/F Balconies
Add tiles to the bottom of the walls in the two upstairs balconies as skirting.
G/F Toilet.
Put a door hook/protection on the doors in the lower bathroom/toilet to reduce the risk of damage if the two doors are opened at the same time.
Spaces around baths and sinks : old grouting removed and new filler applied.
Still to be done .
Fire Extinguisher
Add a fire extinguisher to the kitchen .. mounted on the wall by the door.
Exterior Hooks
Remove the old broken exterior hooks that used to hold the outside clothes line at the back of the house and replace with heavier duty ones.
Completed .. plus two additional hooks installed.
Air Conditioners
All six air conditioners fully serviced by the main agent ... completely stripped down, cleaned, liquids topped up..
Sewage / Cesspit
The sewage cesspit to be emptied by truck .... planned for Monday 13th September .... it is usually not necessary to ever do this ... so should certainly not need to be done again during the next 3 years.
Completed (even though a smelly job)
Carport Concret Floor
To be cleaned with acid.

Hot Water Heaters
All the hot water heaters in the house are electrical and ndividual to each place in the house ... there is one in each of the thre main bathrooms and one in the kitchen.
Cleaned, serviced, filters cleaned .. additional 'breaker' switch added to the hot water heater in the kitchen.

Kitchen Net Door
Magnetic catch fitted

Kitchen Venetian Blind
Missing plastic rod used for closing the blinds needed replacing

page updated 16 September 2004







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