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House for SALE : 207/65 Mooban Naifan, Chiangmai, Thailand

We purchased this house initially as a future home for ourselves in 1997, the house was newly built and had had no one living there. We were living and working in Hong Kong at that time.

We soon decided to rent the house out until we planned to move full time to Chiangmai which we did in 2002.

By 2002 the rental had proved so reliable that we decided to live in another house in the same Mooban where we live right now. So this house has been rented out almost continually from 1997 until the present ... and we have been lucky to have had excellent tenants who have looked after the premies as if it was their own home.

The reason for the sale is to liquidise the assets to help with our own investments and improve our own lifestyle at this time as retirement appears on the horizon.

The house is freehold.

Our asking price is Baht 18,000,000
(eighteen million Thai Baht)

. ... this valuation is determined by the size of the land (2 plots). the current cost of land in this Mooban and the size of the house.. It is also compaible with the cost of similar properties in the area and has a history of being a good financial investment with positive growth..

Many Estate Agents quote three important criteria when valuating a property ... "Location, location and location" .. well, this is a brilliant location. Far enough from the city centre to give it a rural feel but close enough to commute into the town in a short time and very close to main shopping facilities, markets and schools. With a view of the mountains and a large clear grass area in front of the house which is ideal as a safe play area for children.

The previous tenants paid a monthly rental of Baht 40,000 ... and this is what we would be asking for any new tenants ... although we would prefer to sell the house. Minimum rentals contracts are two years with a three month deposit and the tenants are responsible for paying the annual village maintence fee.
(covers : security, rubbish collection, street cleaning and maintenance and upkeep of the public areas)

If you are interested then please contact us directly (details on the right side of this page) as the owners.

Many Thanks

Chris and Nong

Brochure for House Sale 207 / 65 Mooban Naifan, Chiangmai, Thailand



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