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Utilities, Maintenance and Services (FAQs)
This page contains details about utilities, maintenance and services
In No Particular Order ... and for guidance only

Electricity and Electrical
An invoice is delivered to the house each month.. (the meter is on the post outside the front of the house)
The most convenient way to pay is probably standing order or at the Post Office..
Electricity is relatively expensive in Thailand .... Voltage is 220
There are power cuts in Thailand .... but not often.
You are advised to have a few torches around the house .. easily at hand.
I know of no private residential houses that have bothered to install generators ... the power cuts are too few to warrant this .... the Estate Club House does have a generator and so it is still operational during any blackouts (including the Restaurant)

If you have any small electrical problems then just contact the management at the Club House : they have a handyman to fix things ... free if small .... often give a tip

| Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand |

An invoice will be delivered to the house each month .. .. often by hand ... . (the meter can be seen in the corner of the garden by the front gate)
The most convenient way to pay is probably at the Post Office, standing order.
Water was a problem at Baan Naifan .... the pressure is low. To try and cope with this ... the water pressure to the house is provided by an electric pump .... we also had two large underground water storage tanks .. also means that if the electricity is off then the water is off .... this is an inconvenience for the whole area. (welcome to Thailand)

| Water Authority of Thailand |

Cooking Gas
This is provided from bottles at the back of the house.
A refill is a few hundred baht .... contact telephone 053 431 889 or mobile 01 9616781

We used to have two telephone landlines going into the house ... these have been taken out with the increased use of mobile phones and the 'fiber' going into the hopuse.
The country code for Thailand is "66"
Calls in Thailand are Baht 3 each ... no time charges (fortunate if using them to connect to the internet)
The first number above can be used for IDD calls ... I'm not sure about the other. An invoice is delivered to the house each month ... the local charges and IDD charges will probably be on separate invoices. One of the most convenient ways to pay them is at a Post Office .. unless you miss the payment date when you have to got to the TOT office and CAT office (IDD)
Payment can also be made at Banks and ATM Cash Machines.

Internet Connectivity
We are spoilt for choice of fiber ISPs. Reliable and affordable fiber directly to the house. Easily supporting media streaming such as Netflix.

The tenant is responsible for setting this up and all payments.

This is an area I'm particularly involved in so please email me (Chris) if you want more details.

You will need to contract a gardener to look after the garden and plants (unless you are a keen gardener yourself) .... there are several little 'gangs' (I'm not sure what the collective noun for several gardeners is?) and we can suggest some when you are here ..the gardener we use at the moment tel: 07 184 5685
You can have a monthly contract about Baht 1,400 ... if you just want to use them on a casual basis then about Baht 400 per session .... about half day several people
If you have any small plumbing problems then just contact the management at the Club House : they have a handyman to fix things ... free if small ... often will give a tip.
Pest Control
We sign & pay for pest control.

They should visit the house once a month to check and spray if necessary ... but these pesty companies are well known for missing visits .... please telephone them if they do miss a visit.
It might be advantage to give the domestic helper a book and get the pesty guys to sign it each time they visit.
Door & Window Mosquito Screens
These are a little sensitive to rough treatment .. sometimes they come off the bottom wheels ... as wheels are on a spring and just need pushing back with something like a knife.
For repairs to the screens or window/door call Lum Rood tel: 053 262780 or mobile 095580550

Cable T.V.
Cable TV is available through TRUE ... costs depend on the subscription package chosen is if paying monthly or annualy. The tenant is responsible for paying and setting this up although we can help.

We have an insurance policy on the house and fittings for fire and natural disasters. :

This does not cover the belongings of tenants ... advisable to take out a policy for fire/theft
It may also be advisable to take out third party insurance related to the domestic helper.
This was refurbished in 2018... style being 'western' ... there is ta second 'Thai Kitchen'
Oven: there is a gas oven
The kitchen does not have any crockery, cutlery or pots & pans.
Baan Naifan Management Charges
The Estate charge an annual management fee due each January, this is to be payed by the tenant.
The fee is for security, street lighting, collection of rubbish, maintenance of the public areas and sweeping the road ... and they do a good job .... the fee is about Baht 13,000 per year.

Baan Naifan Club House and Facilities
The use of the club house facilities are NOT included in the annual Estate maintenance charge. Generally you pay each time you use the pool/exercise room/tennis courts ... but there is the option of paying an annual fee .. which is worthwhile if you intend to use the pool a lot. Guests also have to pay and these facilities are not exclusive to residents.

Swimming Pool:
.. great freestyle pool with a smaller one for young children .. no life guard
Exercise Room:
.. unfortunately this has been closed.
Tennis Courts:
.. there are two full size tennis courts, hard surface, floodlit at night .. a local coach is available
.. this was opened in January 2004 close to the clubhouse in its own purpose built building ... and the design is magnificent .... cost depend on what treatment/massage etc. that you have ... the staff are very pleasant and will give you a tour and a brochure of services and charges. spa website
Outdoor exercise area:
.. this haas nw been converted into a public relaxation area
.. the restaurant has to be tried ... they also do home delivery to residents ... prices are reasonable .. Asian food .... and the wonderful interior design of the area has to be seen!

Public Transport to / from the House
Public transport to and from the Estate into Chiangmai is very very limited.
There are metered taxis .... you can telephone to book one at 053 271 242 - 16 ... one particular driver we have used is Mr Winyu mobile 099552563

We have used a Tuk Tuk a couple of times .... mobile 01 706 4922 or 09 951 9865

The best solution for transport is services such as GRAB ... Uber is no longer in Thailand..

Address of the house
Note that there is more than one Baan Naifan estate in Chiangmai ... you could go to the wrong one if just giving instructions to a taxi .... this is actually Baan Naifan 2
The full address in English is in the right column of every page on this website.
Address in Thai
click here (24KB) for it as a Word document (but you may not have the correct font) in which case
click here
(85KB) for it as an image of the address
click here to download a map.
The security at Baan Naifan is excellent ... it is a walled Estate with the entrance staffed 24 hours checking who comes and goes .. at night there are also several watchmen in booths around.
You will also see the police on motorbike who tour the grounds at least once a day.
We have installed lighting on the back wall of the house (there are rice fields the other side) ... there is also a photocell so that they come on automatically when it gets dark.
It is advisable to buy a small safe to keep passports/cash/jewelry etc.
Post Office
The nearest Post Office is on the Hang Dong Road next to Makro supoermarket.....
Just ten minutes away .... but far enough that you do not hear the planes (OK.. maybe if you listen very very carefully) ... it couldn't be more convenient.
An airport limousine to Baan Naifan is about Baht 300
Train Station
One of the options to get to and from Bangkok is the train .... there are several overnight sleepers that leave Chiangmai around 5:00pm and take 12 hours ..... one way journey ... second class sleeper is baht 800 .... ask for a lower bunk in the middle of the carriage.
The station is on the East side of Chiangmai about 20 minutes drive.
But over the past few years a lot of 'budget airlines' have started flying between Chiangmai and Bangkok which are very convenient at about Baht 1,500 one way.

US Consulate in Chiang Mai
387 Wichayanond Road, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand
Telephone: 053 252 629 FAX: 053 252 633
Emergency duty phone: 01 881 1878
Office hours and services can be seen at http://www.usa.or.th/consulcm/

Driving LIcence
If you intend to drive then eventually you will need to get a Thai Driving licence ... if you already have a licence from another country then the likelihood is that you can get a Thai licence by filling in the form, getting a doctors checkup and getting a 'proof of residency' from immigration. they will also give you a colour blindness test ... ... the government office to do this is just 5 minutes away on the Hang Dong Road.
The first time we did this we were given licences for one year .... renewal just required a form to be filled in, payment of a baht 550 fee ... we were then given 5 year licences.
If you are a 'Do It Yourself' handyman or woman there are lots of places to shop .... "HomePro" is the largest ... but lots of hardware shops just minutes away.

Nearby supermarkets are "Big C" and "Lotus/Tesco" 10 minutes away .. on the right hand side of the Hang Dong road on the way to Chiangmai ... if you miss either then you have the wrong glasses on ... there is an enormous sign .... open 9:00a.m. to 10:00pm .... large free open carpark.
Also contain a Food Hall, locksmith, mini Bangkok Bank and cash machines, KFC, hairdressers (for male&female) .. click here for store specifics ... or click here to view a map

There is a second Lotus/Tesco Supermarket on the north of Chiangmai on the 'Super Highway' .. behind it is a wonderful area for buying plants for the garden ... dozens of companies.

Lots of petrol stations on the Hang Dong Road ... 10 minutes away ... the Shell one on the right before you get to Lotus Supermarket also offers a convenient car cleaning service for about Baht 150. Petrol is relatively inexpensive in Thailand (hope it stays that way)
I never thought I'd be mentioning Cinemas/Movies here ... but Chiangmai has some excellent Cinemas ... most of the movie are English (surprisingly) .... and very recent releases ... very affordable and comfortable seats. We use the ones in the Airport Plaza ... 10 minutes away ... free parking ... top floor ... there are others in town ... a pleasant evening out.
Drinking Water
It is not recommended to drink the tap water ... you can buy bottled at the super market ... but there are a couple of companies that deliver to the house ... the large 5 gallon containers.
The one we use delivers on Mondays ... the cost is about Baht 70 per container ... you will need to pay a deposit of about Baht 300 for the initial bottle itself.
The mains water to the house is first stored in underground containers and then goes through a filter before entering the house.
There is a septic tank well hidden and can probably be left alone all the time ... well that's the theory.

Visa and 90 day reporting to immigration
I'm sure the paper work for Visa etc will be sorted out by employers.
The immigration office is between the Airport Plaza and the Airport itself ... 10 minutes from Baan Naifan.
The immigration officers have always been very pleasant, helpful and friendly .... although the amount of paper work is sometimes frustrating ... but they are just doing their jobs.
There is comprehensive VISA advice on the Pattaya Expat Clubs website

Buying and Owning a Car
A Google search will get the latest info or try https://www.thailandstarterkit.com/lifestyle/buy-car-in-thailand/

This is probably sorted out by your employer .... recommending specific hospitals and doctors.
But for example The Ramkhamhaeng Hospital (private) is on north west corner of the moat in Chiangmai.
It has excellent facilities (24 hours) and many/most of the staff speak English.
Some say that this is the best hospital in Chiangmai (and some say the most expensive) .. certainly the service and care are good.
More details about this particular hospital can be seen at www.chiangmairam.com
tel.053 224 851 : tel hot line 053 895001 : fax. 053 224 880 email : chiangmairam@chiangmairam.com

Newspaper Delivery to the House
You can have local newspapers delivered to the house ... e.g. Bangkok Post (daily) and the Chiangmai Mail. (every Saturday) ... for a fuller list of publications in Thailand Click Here ..... many have online editions.
There are a couple of companies offering delivery .... e.g. tel: 071729435 .. Mr Cha
Flights to Bangkok
Thai airlines fly almost every two hours to Bangkok ... a single fare being about Baht 1,800
There are a number of budget airlines offering regular and cheaper flights to Bangkok ... for the latest deals you need to visit their websites :
| Air Asia | Nok Air | Bangkok Air |
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