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Introduction and Menu
This website is designed to offer a free webpage to any organisation in Thailand that is doing charity, caring or voluntary work ...and to list those organisations (NGO) that are already on the web.
Our Mission Statement is to be the most comprehensive list of charity work in Thailand.

Last Wishes Hospital programme for terminally ill children
Bicycle Donations Buddhist monk gives bicycles to poor children
Foster Home Chaiyapruk Foundation in Nakhon Nayok province
Healing for the Abused Centre for the Protection of Children's Rights Foundation
Foster Home School for Life : farm in Chiangmai
Pattaya Orphanage Trust Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya : Sponsor a Child
Rural Children Foundation for the Education of Rural Children : Basic Education for Rural Children
Support The Children Support The Children Foundation : Chiangmai - care to abandoned children with AIDS
Care 4 Kids The Jesters of Thailand | inception in 1998 and a total of 14 million baht raised for local charities | m/cycle |
World Vision Foundation of Thailand WVFT focuses on sponsoring and developing needy children
Protection of Children's Rights Found. CPCR assists abused,orphaned,neglected or trafficked children & combats commercial sexual exploitation
Dev.& Edu.Program for Daughters DEPDC : addressing the child sex trade and child labor issues in northern Thailand
Fight Against Child Exploitation FACE monitors the cases of arrested paedophiles
NCYD National Council for Children and Youth Development : co-ordinates efforts across NGOs & Thai Gov
Ruen Rom Yen Foundation Harbor House providing shelter and community education programs, located in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai Province
- -
Bangkok Post Scholarships Scholarship programme for needy children
School for Slum Children Sikkha Asia Foundation : Suan Phlu Pattana community
Scholarships for Hill Children Support Hill childrens' education
Special Needs / Disabled
Special Olympics Special Olympics for the Physically-challenged
Occupational Training For persons with physical disabilities : mushroom farms
Support a Band A group of blind musicians
Freedom Wheelchairs Chiang Mai Disabled Centre
Khao Yai Conservation Protect and conserve the Khao Yai National Park
Save the Seas Scuba divers working to conserve the Thai seas and marine life
Rejoice to provide medical and social support to very poor, sick & underprivileged people living in Chiang Mai's villages
Ethnic Minorities
Help for Highlanders The Karen Hilltribes Trust
IMPECT Inter Mountain Peoples Education and Culture in Thailand Association : hill tribes people
The Mirror Art Group NGO working in the Mae Yao sub-district of Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand
Classical Thai Music In a small village in Buri Ram
Old Film Preservation National Film Archives
Help for Rape (Abuse) Victims The Kanitnaree Centre, Bangkok
Asia Partnership for Human Dev. APHD has undertaken a Regional Programme Against the Trafficking of Women & Children in South Asia
Foundation for Women FFW is an NGO working on the issue of violence against women
Hotline Center Foundation HCF and the Royal Thai Police training emergency hotline operators : trafficking and violence victims.
New Life Center Houses, feeds, and educates women from hill tribes/ethnic minorities rescued from trafficking
Pavena Foundation Pavena Foundation for Children and Women: children and women affairs, especially the suppression of child prostitution.
Shan Women's Action Network SWAN: seeking to address the needs of Shan women
Thai Women of Tomorrow Project A trafficking prevention project under Chiang Mai University
Phu Fa Shops Set up by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to help the rural poor sell their products
Self-Sufficient Farming helping rice farmers in Isan fight the war on farm debt and environmental degradation
Community Work
Smiling Albino Highland Farm & Gibbon Sanctuary | Phayathai Babies’ Home | Clothing, Toys, & Other Stuff | English Fun |
Bone Marrow Transplants for poor children
First Aid Volunteers Support Panupong Lapsathien help victims at accident scenes in Bangkok
HIV / Aids
Home for Aids Orphans Children and Youth Foundation
Aids victims "Auntie Boon" Sanpatong Home Based Care Project: women's group. Dedicating their lives to helping HIV & Aids sufferers
Strays in Bangkok Pic-A-Pet Home : nurture stray dogs back to health and for adoption
Strays in Hua Hin Hua Hin Dog Resue Centre : rescues stray dogs and rehomes them
Animal Sanctuary Love Animal House is an animal sanctuary and education center in Chiangmai
Thai Elephant Conservation A "Mobile Elephant Clinic" with experienced veterinarian
Animals in Zoos Zoos of Thailand
Mekong Region Law Center MRLC is a non-profit association of the legal communities of Cambodia, Laos P.D.R., Thailand, and Vietnam
The Elderly
Drug and Substance Abuse
Food For Thought Ruam Mit Bakery, A Rehabilitation Program for Recovering Substance Users : Chiangmai NGO
Information Technology
Computers for Thai Kids more than 400 computers to government schools all over Thailand
International Charities and Voluntary Organisations (some with a base or website in Thailand)
- Action Against Hunger - Child Workers in Asia
ECPAT (child exploitation) Free the Children FreeMasons -
- GAATW (Women Trafficking) - ILO (Child Trafficking)
International Justice Mission International Organization for Migration - Medecins Sans Frontieres
Lions Club Oxfam - Relief Web
Ronald McDonald - Rotary Salvation Army
Terre des Hommes Thai Red Cross - SOS Children
- UNICEF Unite For Sight -
UNIAP (Human Trafficking) -   World Food Programme
World Vision - Zonta International -

A Word of Caution
It's not always possible to guarantee that money donated to charity gets to where it is supposed to ... we do check as far as possible that all the the links here are trustworthy ... but cannot guarantee 100%.

If you know of any suspect charities then please let me know

There are several websites that report 'Charity Frauds' or rate charities based on their financial management ... but mostly of those in the USA .... see Google

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