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This site is under construction and hopes to archive previous and future Porkies meeting ... at base camp in Hong Kong ... or overseas ... or on tours.

The site is now at the stage where over the next few months we can catch up with past events ... please send photos .... dates .... comments ... memories ... and tell me where to put them ... (I know what you are thinking) ..... I'm happy to take on the technical webkeeper stuff .... but needs the "pack" (ummm ... what is the collective name for a bunch of pigs?) to contribute .... especially as Nong & I were not there at the conception, birth and first brest feeding ..... so I hope you can all nipple under.

Only digital photoes please ... I don't have a scanner

Chris csmith@csmith.info
4th September 2004


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Porkies Family Tree
original 6 date?

gill porkie

dave porkie

freems porkie

  gill dave freems

pic here


pic here


mrs freems porkie

  anne richard mrs freems
change date



david porkie

marion porkie

    david marion
change date
    nong porkie chris porkie
    nong chris
change date

liz porkie

jonathan porkie

    liz jonathan
change date



pic here

pic here

    name dori
change date



pic here

pic here

    name dori

Chris Smith